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shoulder while his big, slack lips parted to say, "I sure God

got one to tell you now, that's a fact!"

"Hi, there," Means called, and lounged down the bar
toward them.

The two men with Mr, Munn said hello, but Mr. Munn
merely nodded. The man whose name Mr. Munn did not
know approached them, and thrust his way into the group,
hanging Ms arm across Joe Mean's shoulder. " Hello, Alec,"
he said to one of the men with Mr. Munn, and "Hello,

"Do you all know each other?" the man named Alec
asked, turning from Mr. Munn to the newcomers. " This is
Mr. Holt-----"

Holt set his drink on the bar and thrust out his hand, say-
ing : " Sure I know Munn. I been seeing him around town.
I seen him this morning over to the courthouse. Joe and me
was over there, wasn't we, Joe?" All the while he was grip-
ping Mr. Munn's hand and pumping it up and down with an
absent-minded, mechanical motion.

" Fm glad to know you," Mr. Munn said, and with a slight
effort disengaged his hand. He was sorry he had come.

" And pour another one here," Alec was demanding, indi-
cating the empty glass in front of Mr. Munn.

" No, no more for me," Mr. Munn insisted, but the whisky
was already in the glass.

"It'll do you good," Alec told him.

"What I always say," Holt said, "is there ain't nothing
better'n a good slug of whisky for putting a man on his feet
except two good slugs of whisky. Now ain't that what I
always say, eh, Joe? That's what I always-----"

** Besides, you ought to celebrate," Alec asserted, " getting
your man off and all."

** You sure got Mm off, now. Joe and me was over there,
wasn't we, Joe?"

Yeah, now" Joe Means said, "we saw you hang it on the
r all right"

* You sure hung it on him now, I'll say that/'